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Paine Gallery Exhibit
Featured: July 21 - Aug 18

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I find myself energized by the playfulness of light as it journeys to and through a particular landscape. One might say that I enjoy being held captive by light; from dappled light in the deepest of forests revealing its hidden wonders– to the hot afternoon sun casting pronounced shadows across the terrain unlocking memories of long summer days of youth– to the transient blinding twinkle of light as it dances on the surface of water. For me, this is inspiration.

Through art I have always felt more connected to the wider touch of human experience, and each time I begin a new piece, it is with the intent of uncovering and exploring the details that distinguish a particular moment for me and for the viewer. Ultimately that’s what I want my art to do: to allow people to make connections between the images in my work and the images in their own memories,their own stories and understandings based on their own experiences of place.

My current pastel work is reflective of the places in which I have traveled. I love the way that pastel captures the vibrancy of the landscape and the immediacy that it provides as a medium.Each mark, seemingly insignificant, merges to re-create a relationship or a recognizable place and time.This connectedness with nature is profoundly important in my work.

Nobody can resist a compelling story and I have always viewed the landscape as such.

- Belinda Armstrong


Belinda Armstrong lives in Vienna, West Virginia, where she creates art inspired by the natural beauty of her home state. She is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Certification in Art Education. After spending twenty-five years teaching at public and private schools in the state, she now devotes herself full time to her work as an artist. Belinda is a member of the Pastel Society of America, but also works in acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Belinda’s work has been exhibited throughout the region including a notable one woman show, “Belinda Brooks Armstrong: Past & Present Works” at the Parkersburg Art Center.


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